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Property Recycling is a private money lender based in the Southeastern United States.

We can lend in most states, call today to see how we can help you with your next deal.

Lending to talent.
Not just numbers.

“We love our clients and real estate. We serve both with fast, service-oriented and competitive loans for rehabbing.”

Mike Brady
General Manager

Property Recycling is the southeast’s premier lending partner for your deals.

Our team started as real estate investors and rehabbers, having rehabbed over 300 houses ourselves, we understand your needs and will commit to making your loan process a customer service dream.  

Why choose a private money lender?

Many real estate investment deals just happen too fast for a bank to accommodate the closing.  Banks also require a 20% down payment at closing!

Property Recycling USA can accommodate those fast closings and we can fund up to 100% of your deal.  You keep your cash for other deals and pay us a flat monthly payment to borrow the money.

By leveraging this process you EXPONENTIALLY increase your Cash on Cash return or ROI.

Call now to learn more about the process.

How it Works

Find a property that you want to rehab for a profit or turn into a rental.

Apply online here at our website.

One of our knowledgeable processing professionals will reach out via phone and email to explain next steps.

Initial review is completed and we give you a loan estimate.

Final underwriting process is started.

Address any underwriting stipulations and work toward clear to close.

We coordinate with the title office of your preference and fund your loan!

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